The Legal Team provide financial advisory and assistance to Italian companies and Italian affiliates of foreign companies.

This field involves constant consultancy with regard to direct and indirect taxes, budgetary and corporate aspects, and the relevant advising.

The professionals of the Legal Team provide assistance and advisory services in order to enable the client, in conformity with the applicable law, to optimize their legal and financial resources, also in light of the available tax breaks and considering the specific aspects of the entrepreneurial carried out.

The Legal Team actively take part in the drafting of administrative procedures- for management and verification of those already observed by the company, paying particular attention to the fulfillments closely relevant to direct and indirect taxation in order to identify latent financial risks. 

The Legal Team give advice on tax-related and corporate aspects of extraordinary operations, such as:

  • Acquisition/sale of shares, companies and branches of companies;
  • Mergers, demergers, transfers of shares, transformations and settlements;
  • Procedures regarding real estate assets;
  • Management of generational transfer.

Clients are also supported during the stages prior to the finalization of the agreements for acquisitions of companies, corporations and shares also through fiscal due diligence activities. 

The Legal Team help natural persons to settle tax issues in order to optimize their personal taxation.

By investigating on the assets and income situation, the Firm discusses with the clients the steps to enhance the efficiency of their organization as pertains to taxation. Within this advisory activity, the professionals of the Legal Team provide assistance for the transfer or purchase of shares and possible investments, as well as the management, protection and generational transfer of family assets.

The professionals of the Legal Team have developed expertise in non-profit field. In this area, the Legal Team provide legal and tax consultancy, both at the moment of the constitution and throughout the life of the organization, in addition to the drafting of the advices, the assistance in the definition of the agreements for the collaboration with public entities or private sector organizations. The professionals at the Legal Team also support their clients during the selection of the most efficient legal instruments for the optimization of the will of the promoter and the financial impact of the procedures between the donor/financing member and the non-profit organization. 

The consultancy can also be provided for extraordinary operations, legal and financial assistance during critical phases (administration by an external entity, settlement, definition of the relationships among associates), and finally the management of all the interactions with the relevant competent Authorities (ONLUS, Italian Revenue Agency, Prefecture, Local Authorities and others).

The professionals at the Legal Team deal with all of the municipal taxes (ICI/IMU, Tari, Tasi, TOSAP/COSAP). They have extensively studied both the significant and procedural topics that regulate the declaratory and litigation stages. Particular attention is paid to property tax, as well as to subjects regarding taxation of the network and infrastructure for the provision of public services.

In order to successfully face the increasing litigations filed by the Financial Administration, the Legal Team collaborate with professionals who mix advanced technical expertise with the necessary awareness in the management of the relationships with the competent organizations.

The professionals at the Legal Team assist clients throughout the various phases of the Financial Administration, and come into the pre-litigation stage to evaluate the possibility to promptly activate the institutes provided for the enhanced definition of the tax dispute, with significant decreases in the relevant sanctions.

Support is offered during entries, inspections and verifications, in the preparation of the applications for internal review, in the preparation of notes during the verbal litigation proceeding and in general during the joint evaluation of the best fitting solutions on a case-by-case basis, with regard to the actual needs and priorities of the client.

The Legal Team offer assistance during the procedures of request for an opinion by the Financial Administration in relation to specific and relevant questions, with particular reference to rules about evasion, abuse of law, inactive companies and stimulation of economic growth.

Additionally, the professionals of the Legal Team have considerable experience in advising and representing clients in all judicial proceedings on taxation issues, before the Tax Commission as well as the Court of Cassation.

The Legal Team also actively provides advisory services for pre-litigation and litigation with regard to aspects of international tax law (namely international ruling, stable organization and transfer pricing).

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