The Firm has the resources for the judicial management of credits and collaborates, especially in the case of credit with high unit value, with primary banks and national leasing companies.
It is also associated with all of the main Italian servicers in the NPL sector and has developed internal procedures – oriented towards recovery rather than to the legal compliance – to ensure the accuracy and the quality of the restoration with strict adherence to the mission of the principal companies.

Furthermore, the Firm represents institutional investors, both Italian and foreign, for the evaluation and acquisition of credits and in the relevant evaluation, restoration and acquisition of real estate under warranty procedures.

We serve and represent banks involved in litigation and extrajudicial disputes on derivative contracts. We are familiar with the techno-financial aspects of these procedures.  We are experienced in derivative contracts executed between banks and public bodies. Our style of consulting on this subject matter is traditionally defined by the intent to minimize the operational risks related to this kind of activity. 

Principally on the basis of mandates conferred in the interest of the creditor class, we have assisted as legal advisors, multiple companies with regard to bankruptcy proceedings, namely, extrajudicial agreements for debt restructuring. As such, we have also prepared various restructuring agreements, as per sect. 67 and 182 of bankruptcy law, and supervised their relevant implementation.

The Firm assists their clients in different matters relating to financial performance. Our experience ranges from the drawing of contracts for financing businesses (bilateral or audited loans, business and export credit, leasing and factoring) to more complex procedures, especially in property and project financing. In this way, we can guarantee sophisticated and multi-disciplinary services through the creation of work teams made up of professionals who are active in the specialized areas of the Firm.

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