With regard to consumer rights, some partners of the Firm have gathered over ten years of experience in which insurance administrators perform the role of court-appointed liquidator of companies in the process of mandatory administrative closure. The Firms are able to give specialized consultation regarding both in extraordinary operations as well as management of daily operations of the company (property settlement agreements, correlated parts, corporate governance, outsourcing of functions) and relationships clients. Specialized experience was formed in divestiture and transfer of property possessed by insurance companies, as well as in the structuring of contracts and release of warranties belonging for protection.

As for bankruptcy, the Firms provide constant representation to insurance companies, especially those involved construction risk management, professional responsibility and bond insurance policies.

Its expertise in this field includes consultation for management of the relations with competent supervisory authorities and the performance of relevant security regulations. Moreover, the Firms have managed administrative bankruptcy against provisions of the IVASS and AGCM.

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