The Partnership of the Perno & Cremonese | Radice & Cereda Law Firms was created in July 2001, in order to combine their experience and expertise and to lay the foundations for a collaboration between the firms. This resulted in the establishment of a team, operating in the offices of Rome and Milan, thus providing a greater continuity to the relationships built over time with foreign selected homologous professional firms, with particular reference, as regards Europe, to England.

The Perno, Cremonese & Associates Law Firm, established in 1995 in Rome following the demerger of Carnelutti Law Firm (founded in 1900 by Prof. Francesco Carnelutti), later modified its original business and organizational structure. Nevertheless, the collaboration between attorneys and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs),, as it was recognized as the defining element, was maintained, contributing to create professional synergies that gave the Firm concrete experience in managing legal and financial aspects of the extraordinary financial operations.

The Radice, Cereda & Associates Law Firm, founded in 1994 with the purpose of committing itself into bank law and litigation, later developed a strong aptitude for legal assistance and consultation, mainly addressed to institutions and businesses. Moreover, it has specialized in the public sector, with a focus on energy and gas. In these particular areas, the Firm boasts a significant experience in assisting clients, including international ones, with regard to general regulatory aspects, as well as specific legal subjects related to the provision of services, financing operations, tariffs and access to the network.

The team, composed of around thirty professionals, namely lawyers and certified public accountants, also relies on consultants and external professionals who help to extend its scope within their fields of expertise and geographic areas.                                              

Some partners and consultants gained specialized experience in universities and are involved in didactic activities, also editing  scientific publications relevant to topics of particular professional interest.